2016 saw the first glimmers of light from the Western Sydney suburbs artist Kwame. A 20 year old student of hip hop who was just finding his legs, when a chance meeting with the legendary A$AP Ferg confirmed the path he now treads.

His stellar debut EP ‘Lesson Learned’ and lead single ‘Friends’ was the last time we heard from the stalwart in March of 2017 before he was dubbed the 45th most played artist on Triple J’s Unearthed. In 2017 he signed with Vita Artists alongside Peking Duk, Nyxen and Tigerilla as well as dominating the live circuit supporting cultural heavyweights Migos, 6lack, Bliss N Eso, Wiley and more.

Fast forward to February 2018, Kwame wastes no time in bringing us his new certified summer anthem ‘WOW’ to help us ride out the final warmer months. From the moment it’s fruity Kalimba drumline hits to the catchy pitch shifted hook hollers “You the man now, poppin’ on the gram now” -‘WOW’ lives up to its name.

Kristy Lee (US)

Kristy Lee is a southern soul shouter!

She is a legend of the underground that keeps popping up on not only national but worldwide radars with many other well-known artists that all share a common love for her spirit, songs and stories about her life. After being diagnosed with a disabling disease, multiple sclerosis, she has stepped off on a journey of healing herself and others through music. If you get lucky enough to catch one of her pop-up shows.

Get ready to take flight into a spiritual experience like no other.

Ash Grunwald & Band

The only way a man can truly come into his own power, is to begin seeing who he truly is. Not seeing what he thinks he should be and certainly not seeing himself as he’d like to be seen by others; a good hard look within at what it is he stands for. This is the brutality and in the same breath, the blessing, of time; of experience and of the confrontation of a world that’s moving in contrast to core beliefs. This is Ash Grunwald NOW.

True Vibenation

True Vibenation combine an irresistible blend of soul and afrobeat backed by big bass, big beats and live horns.

Drawing from their African heritage and raised in the cultural migrant melting pot of Australia their sound takes influence in equal parts from Fela Kuti, Hugh Masekela and The Daptone Horns as it does from Outkast, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Rudimental.

Made up of multi-instrumentalists Vuli, Moody and Klue the trio has developed a reputation for an electric live show, which includes all three artists producing beats and playing horns live on stage, taking them to some of the worlds finest festivals including: Glastonbury Festival (UK), HIFA (Zimbabwe), Bushfire Festival (Swaziland), Azgo Festival (Mozambique), Woodford Folk Festival (Aus), Sydney Festival (Aus) and they were handpicked to support acts such as Ozomatli and Thievery Corporation on their Australian tours.

The Big Ilch

“A seven-piece conglomerate busting some of the best reggae, blues and roots music you’re likely to hear in 2018. Reminiscent of an early Blue King Brown, mixed with Kim Churchill and The Beautiful Girls, the Bondi locals put on a tight and flawless set, with the bulk of their tracks coming from their 2017 release Homeground.” – DYLAN MARSHALL ( The AU Review)

Vaudeville Smash

Made up of three brothers and two mates, no other Australian band sounds like ’em. An explosion of funk, flute, sax, synth and groove, the dance floor is packed at a VAUDEVILLE SMASH gig. In case you’re wondering, they took their name from an Italian children’s karaoke machine that was around in the late ’80s.

VS continue their ongoing musical evolution, teaming up with Nashville’s Grammy Award winning producer, Bobby Holland. The result is ‘La Plume de ma Tante’ a bass popping, tongue in cheek, funk, jammation of the nation and first single off their third studio album, set for release in mid 2019.

Ginger and The Ghost

Ginger And The Ghost are two visual artist who have transformed their imagination into song. Driven by the idea of writing and recording in a spontaneous way, they utilised whatever tools at hand to deliver their sounds. From bicycle wheels to body percussion, their music is driven by instinct, intuition, and an innate sense of trust in each other.

Combining ethereal vocals that evoke a child-like abandon and the optimism of youth, with dynamic instrumental layering, Ginger And The Ghost have crafted an epic yet grounded sound.

Daniel Champagne

One reviewer recently wrote – ‘Daniel Champagne exudes a natural ease on stage, as he sings poignant lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies that invariably whisk the heart up with grand romanticism. Coupled with an exhilarating guitar talent that transcends mere acoustic playing to replicate a whole band, Champagne is just magical’ (

The story goes that the young Australian singer, songwriter and one-of-a-kind guitar virtuoso first picked up his instrument of choice as a five-year-old following in the footsteps of a musical father. He began writing songs at 12, training classically throughout his teens and performing solo wherever he could, honing his craft and developing what would become the dynamite live show that he is renowned for today.

Hussy Hicks

A band of accomplished and powerful women, Hussy Hicks have made a name for themselves locally and on the international stage the old fashioned way – by playing their music and connecting with audiences one passionate performance at a time.

Julz Parker is widely recognised amongst her peers as one of Australia’s finest guitar players, with a tone and approach that sits stylistically between Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Django Reinhardt and Tom Morello. Leesa Gentz’s powerhouse stage presence, soaring vocals and massive smile will steal your heart, have you hanging on every note and leave a tingle dancing down your spine.

Claude Hay

Hailing from the Blue Mountains near Sydney, award winning Australian solo artist Claude Hay invokes the best of stomping traditional blues, hard rock and booty-shaking funk, all delivered with slide guitar chops to burn and a vocal range to match.

Claude is perhaps the world’s ultimate Do-It- Yourself musician – initially forging his live sound on the back of looping technology which allowed him to create a band vibe without the band. This approach has seen this fiercely independent artist build an audience for his music globally with the release of three award-winning home-made albums. His fourth album “Roller Coaster” released September 2016 saw him form a band, hence his song writing became unhindered from the constraints of looping which allowed him to finesse his rock-blues, come funk-hillbilly mojo to another level.

Thunder Fox

Drenched in the indiscriminate combination of countless musical influences old and new, Thunder Fox provides a passionate barrage of groove-instilling noise through shredding guitar solos, titillating vocalisation, tight horn lines and stank bass ‘n drum feel. The European Summer of 2018 saw Thunder Fox embark on their first international tour, making their mark on new audiences in the Netherlands, Germany, The UK, France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.

With fingers dipped generously in the juices of Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Anderson Paak and the Chili Peppers, Thunder Fox culminates in something as catchy as it is unique while delivering an ecstatic live experience that devoted fans continue to crave.


Wanderers have a trademark symphony of moods – the shredding of guitar riffs, dreamy harmonies, funky bass and a general feeling of nostalgia. They crank out rock numbers that steadily build into raunchy, soulful jams. Inspired by late 70s soul and funk, Wanderers hit their stride in 2018, fleshing out their sound, from their latest single What I Do, with inspiration taken from Leo Sayer, and a nod from motown to the earlier play-listing favourite Off My Back. The Adelaide duo have featured across most major festival stages in the past 12 months from Woodford to Queenscliff and everything in between, demonstrating their ability to get everyone up for a boogie, firmly cementing them as a festival favourite.

‘Wanderers serve up Motown-style sensibilities with a contemporary and addictive edge. Driving beats and honey-sweet vocals align perfectly, and once the solos roll in, you’ll be hooked.’ – Xune Magazine

Felicity Lawless & Scott French

Visionary Bohemian rocker, Felicity Lawless stimulates the senses and elevates the soul with music fusing Gypsy, world rock and folk elements. Her sound is characterised by a flashy, Spanish guitar style, soaring vocal melodies and hypnotic rhythms. She performs with an energy that elevates and inspires while infusing her crowds with enthusiasm and joy.

Maitê Inaê

From her roots in Brazil listening to Bossa Nova, Samba, Forro & born into Capoeira Brazil, it’s music, culture and arts to Latin Rhythms, Funk, Soul & Jazz to Reggae, Dubs and Hip Hop this Sydney Based singer/ songwriter found herself surrounded by like minded people who greatly influenced her music.
Maite’s sound could simply be described as a fusion of her experiences and passions.

” Music is a universal language! Whether you resonate with the lyric, melody, rhythm or tone of the song, innately the experience is your’s… What inspires you may not inspire others, but isn’t music so wonderful like that, you will always find something that vibes with your rhythm!” – Maitê Inaê

Mustered Courage

Australia’s own raconteurs, Mustered Courage, have been delivering their diverse brand of roots music and bluegrass that appeals to both traditionalists and newcomers alike.  The Melbourne based group that Music Australia Guide describes as “the link between Bill Monroe and Mumford & Sons” has risen to the top of Australia’s folk and roots scene on the strength of their energetic live shows and albums that have won them glowing reviews, loads of radio support and a “Golden Guitar” for Instrumental of the Year 2015 along with a 2015 ARIA nomination for Best Country Album.

Freddie Fingaz

Amplifying crowds with his wild style cuts n scratches for a couple of decades now, Freddy Flyfingaz has gained a reputation as the ultimate festive party shaker. His audio visual performances are composed of a seamless collage of electro swing, ragga beats, vintage funk and old-skool hip hop synced with a projected backdrop of twisted animations and off the wall culture.

The Groove

The Groove is a new fusion of old sounds emerging from the Illawarra / Shoalhaven. An amorphous shifting blend of spanish / classical and acoustic guitar vibes with driving afro percussive rhythms.  From roots to Latin, blues to middle eastern and eclectic flavours in between The Groove tweak your sense of fun and familiarity. Their synergistic organic sessions have captivated audiences of all ages and cultures from the northern beaches of Sydney down to the peaks of the Snowy Mountains.

The Water Runners

Tight harmonies, strong musicianship and great sense of fun combine to deliver a high-energy blend of original music with hints of bluegrass, folk, country and rockabilly With a brand new CD for 2019, pull on your best boots and come see why The Water Runners have been a hit at festivals and venues all over .

The Con Artists

Wollongong’s circusy world music big band combines young up and coming students with some of the regions most prominent folk musicians, playing dissident and celebratory folk music from around the world. Fun and irreverent, The Con Artists are a carnival of percussion, wind, brass, accordions and fiddles. ​

Rusty & The Saint

Long-time musical acquaintances finally come together on stage to present an eclectic selection of contemporary folk-influenced songs that will appeal to a wide audience. Rusty is Russell Churcher and The Saint is David De Santi. They debuted at the 2017 Illawarra Folk Festival with a swag of songs from the likes of Richard Thompson, Mark Knopfler, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett to name a few.


Be transported with this ensemble to forgotten fishing villages, moonlit olive groves, and a hard life under a hot sun where peasants play music to celebrate life with a fierce sense of humour. They provide the sounds and energy of folk, gypsy and Italian world music woven expertly together to provide a truly spaghetti and meatballs experience. Lively Italian folk music with traditional roots.

Satin Rose

Satin Rose are sisters Kayla and Maddie from Christchurch NZ. They spent most of their formative years in the Snowy Mountains and still think of Jindabyne as one of the many places they have called home and hold the Snowy’s close to their heart. Kayla’s vocals and guitar work along with Maddie’s supporting guitar, rock solid percussion and sublime vocal harmonies combine in a way that is reminiscent of the Indigo Girls with a touch of Crowded House and Fleetwood Mac. With their new rhythm section and new songs they are sure to entertain.

Kesha Oayda

Kesha’s power packed, yet soulful voice is immediately evident when witnessing her intimate solo performances. A mix of soul, folk and blues cover songs, transformed by Kesha’s unique vocal translation and groove, are also accompanied by a selection of her own original pieces. Born and raised in the Snowy Mountains Kesha’s youth and musical interpretation are delightful to the ear and joyful to the soul.

Community Stage

PEAK Festival is supporting our community by giving groups in the area an opportunity to showcase their talents. Join them throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday at the northern end of Perisher Centre.

PEAK Upload

The Perisher Peak Upload Competition is on again, and we’ve found some amazing unsigned live performers to come up and strut their stuff in a show-down on the festival stage!

Youth Concert

Once again South East Arts is proud to present up and coming sounds of the regions’ youth performers. Saturday from 12:00pm & Sunday from 11:30am in Jax Bar at the southern end of Perisher Centre.