The Beautiful Girls

‘Raw, spooky, rootsy, punky, reggae, dubby’ – these are some of the ways the music of The Beautiful Girls has been described. And in 2017 & 2018, they’re taking it all the way back to the sonic beginnings to celebrate anniversaries of their two seminal releases Morning Sunand Learn Yourself – stripping back the performances to their original essence – the striking three-piece sound which first brought the band to attention fifteen years ago.

Cool Out Sun

New Afro-funk outfit Cool Out Sun burst onto the scene with an explosion of introspective, retrospective soul-food you didn’t know you need a serve of. The all-star line up boasts some of the most influential names in Australian music including members, N’fa Jones, Lamine Sonko , Sensible J, Nui Moon, having collectively worked in groups, 1200 Techniques, Remi, Sampa The Great, African Intelligence, Future Roots, Digital Africa, Public Opinion Afro Orchestra.

Comprised of the kids that won’t put the drum sticks down in class. Composers taunting a treble clef to throw a few more notes on the stave. The beats are provocative, the lyrics powerfully imaginative.

Sahara Beck

There are no big name producers and over the top stylists here, Sahara is an independent artist in the truest sense of the word – an artist finding her own sound and in the process emerging as not just another remarkable voice.

“Beck’s voice is a tempest, gale force one minute, sultry the next, right back up to the heavens and beyond. Impressive, in a word”. Rhythms Magazine

Hot Potato Band

Anything could happen! Known to cause a severe case of happy fever, this 10 piece brass band is sure to put a smile on your face in an incredibly unique live show. The Hot Potato Band have become one of the most celebrated festival bands in Australia. Evolving from their roots as a roving band on the streets of Sydney, they continue to capture their unique energy and interaction on stage.

Matiu Te Huki

The soul stirring messages in Matiu’s music are positive, inspiring and unifying. Matiu’s soulful roots music has a strong Maori flavor, using haka, chants and traditional Maori instruments, backed by grabbing grooves, deep, beautifully crafted bass lines, funky rhythms and magical melodies that stay with you well after the show ends, all held up by a pillar of Pacific passion.

Haiku Hands

Haiku Hands, individually bossy and collectively strong. This interstate collective produces dynamic, new music. The elusive crew of artists hailing from Sydney and Melbourne have established their presence with the tongue in cheek, rave-inspired Not About You which was “undeniably one of the best Australian debuts of the year” (Purple Sneakers). With an unquenchable thirst for good times and indulgence in all things art and pop, Haiku Hands pull together numerous talents to create an original sound.


Soul man Jamie Allensworth returns to Peak Festival this year, joined by artists from the Gold Coast and Northern NSW to bring his unique blend of soul, rock and funk. Allensworth have been recognised for their contribution to Southern California music with awards as diverse as Best Live Band, Best Soul and R&B Band, Best Acoustic Band and Best Jam Band from the Orange County Music Awards which recognises artists from LA to San Diego.

Electric Lemonade

Electrik Lemonade is a merry band of funklords that play a repertoire of funk, hip hop, blues, soul and dance music that could only be fathered by the likes of Captain Planet. Each member brings their own slice of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Lovin’ in the live show, culminating in a whirlwind of explosive energy that comes with a tidal warning as the crowd uncontrollably burst into a wave of dance and good vibes.

Bortier Okoe

Haling from Ghana, West Africa, Bortier Okoe is revered as one of the most electrifying talents in African music! His unique and irresistible music blends traditional instruments with guitar, horns, and vocals, creating a new musical force. (Ga Roots music). Bortier composes songs inspired by his native homeland, Ghana. Get ready for some fantastic rhythms and unique music!


His Merry Men are proud to announce they have changed their name to Nomika. The new name is a reflection of the evolution of their music and transformation of the lineup. The 8 piece lineup, fronted by award winning vocalist Megan Crocombe, draws upon broad range of influences to produce sensational grooves of nu-soul/fusion, laced with provoking melodies.

Hussy Hicks

A band of accomplished and powerful women, Hussy Hicks have made a name for themselves locally and on the international stage the old fashioned way – by playing their music and connecting with audiences one passionate performance at a time.

Julz Parker is widely recognised amongst her peers as one of Australia’s finest guitar players, with a tone and approach that sits stylistically between Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Django Reinhardt and Tom Morello. Leesa Gentz’s powerhouse stage presence, soaring vocals and massive smile will steal your heart, have you hanging on every note and leave a tingle dancing down your spine.

Felicity Lawless

Visionary Bohemian rocker, Felicity Lawless stimulates the senses and elevates the soul with music fusing Gypsy, world rock and folk elements. Her sound is characterised by a flashy, Spanish guitar style, soaring vocal melodies and hypnotic rhythms. She performs with an energy that elevates and inspires while infusing her crowds with enthusiasm and joy.

Lizzie Flynn & The Reckoning

With a combination of lyrical honesty and charming melodies, Lizzie Flynn writes songs that blend a little satirical storytelling with a lot of joyful emotion. Her latest album, You & The Open Sky, is a collection of original songs, which weave audiences through toe-tapping country to tender ballads with songs of lessons learnt and love lost.

CJ Shaw

Cj Shaw is a singer songwriter for all occasions. Armed with a swag full of songs and stories, he entertains every audiences with his wry wit, delicate melodies and intricate finger picking.

Matt Glass & The Loose Canons

Matt Glass and the Loose Cannons are an infectious old-timey folk dance band with stomping, upbeat songs, soaring 3 part harmonies, and a variety of stringed instruments & percussion. All singing, all dancing!

Out Of Abingdon

Accomplished in their artistry, this duo creates a soulful atmosphere where unpretentious musicianship is firmly centre stage, OUT of ABINGDON have, over 8 years, enchanted audiences in Australia, Europe and the UK. Tina’s ethereal vocals and grooving double bass accompanied by Warwick’s fearless physical expression on guitar are translated into a full-bodied combination of jazz, blues and ballads.

DJ Freddy Flyfingaz

Amplifying crowds with his wild style cuts n scratches for a couple of decades now, Freddy Flyfingaz has gained a reputation as the ultimate festive party shaker. His audio visual performances are composed of a seamless collage of electro swing, ragga beats, vintage funk and old-skool hip hop synced with a projected backdrop of twisted animations and off the wall culture.

Barleyshakes Duo

The Barleyshakes duo are founder members of this powerhouse Irish band. Traditional and originals songs with instrumentals on sweet, sensuous fiddle and breathtaking guitar artistry.

The Balkan Elvis

What if the king of Rock and Roll had been born in Eastern Europe and played piano accordion? Festival favourite Mikelangelo brings his alter ego Johnny Presley – the Balkan Elvis – to PEAK, reimagining ‘The American Elvis’ hits as lilting waltzes and barnstorming Balkan wedding polkas. Elvis hasn’t been this much fun since 1956 – uproarious, uplifting and dead sexy.

Cigany Weaver

Formed from a love of Django Reinhardt, Sigourney Weaver and red wine, Cigány Weaver are one of the newest and most exciting Gypsy-Jazz bands in Australia. Featuring Soaring Vocals and Violin and Rory “Spiderfingers” Dollard on Guitar, Cigany Weaver will invoke sounds of beautiful ballads of the caravans in Eastern Europe and the wild swing dancing of France through the 1930s.

Lisa Lazuli

Traversing the East Coast of Australia with her music, Lisa Lazuli’s voice, sometimes fragile and ethereal, sometimes forceful and impassioned. A storyteller through music, her songs explore the complexities of love and heartache with aching melancholy or razor sharp bite transporting the listener with a captivating, emotive voice and beautifully sympathetic guitar style.’ Under girded by acoustic guitar and double bass, the songs it has been said are lyrically rich and melodically catchy.

The Groove

The Groove is a new fusion of old sounds emerging from the Illawarra / Shoalhaven. An amorphous shifting blend of spanish / classical and acoustic guitar vibes with driving afro percussive rhythms.  From roots to Latin, blues to middle eastern and eclectic flavours in between The Groove tweak your sense of fun and familiarity. Their synergistic organic sessions have captivated audiences of all ages and cultures from the northern beaches of Sydney down to the peaks of the Snowy Mountains.

The Water Runners

The Water Runners burst out of a South Coast cow shed in 2015 with a high energy blend of contemporary Australian folk that has elements of bluegrass, trad folk, country and rockabilly. Mandolin, banjo, guitar, fiddle, double bass and percussion combine with sweet harmonies in songs that tell of love, loss, legends and South Coast tales. The Water Runners have played at clubs, pubs, festivals and events up and down the South Coast and in the big smoke, engaging audiences in their unique style.


Sallynoggin is the joyful amalgamation of three award-winning musicians and good friends. Performing a collection of selected covers and originals Sallynoggin showcases two of Australia’s most unique voices and one of its finest fiddle players in a trio that holds joy at its heart and rhythm in its feet.

The Con Artists

Wollongong’s circusy world music big band combines young up and coming students with some of the regions most prominent folk musicians, playing dissident and celebratory folk music from around the world. Fun and irreverent, The Con Artists are a carnival of percussion, wind, brass, accordions and fiddles. ​

Jan Preston

Jan Preston, known as Australia’s foremost female Boogie piano player, singer and composer, has captured audiences around the world with her originality, her energy, and her sparkling charm and gentle wit. Jan was born in NZ’s South Island, now tours throughout Australia, NZ and Europe, and is the Winner of 5 music awards for her CDs and Filmscores. “an inspirational and gifted pianist, performer and entertainer……..her playing is as flawless as it is loose and joyful” Rhythms Magazine.


Be transported with this ensemble to forgotten fishing villages, moonlit olive groves, and a hard life under a hot sun where peasants play music to celebrate life with a fierce sense of humour. They provide the sounds and energy of folk, gypsy and Italian world music woven expertly together to provide a truly spaghetti and meatballs experience. Lively Italian folk music with traditional roots.


Local Snowy Mountains group playing contemporary foot tapping sing a long tunes on ukuleles. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Carol Heuchan

Better than ‘shrimp on the barbie’, our best export, poet extraordinaire Carol Heuchan, back at Perisher after extensive performance tours of U.S. and Canada. Multi-award winning, hilarious, heart breaking, quirky stories in rhyme from the down-under wordsmithing wonder who’s itching to reconnect with the mountains she spent riding and skiing in her nefarious youth!

Christine Jane

Christine Jane explores love, listlessness and the shadows of despair with her new folkadelic record Songs for Bleeding Hearts. Be spellbound by these songs of wonder, mystery, and melancholy. Hear cinematic tales from her last release Headmiles (as heard nationally on ABC radio) and reminisce in the smokey dive bar that was her debut EP Sinners Come & Go.

Russell Hannah

A tormenter of accordion players and a lover of tripe, the cuddly president of the Illawarra Folk Club, aka BigRuss will be spotted at spoken word gigs all over the place.

Curious Rendition Orchestra

Led by David Rooney and Mark Holder-Keeping. The Curious Rendition Orchestra or CROw was conceived in 2014 with a mission to offer a World Music ensemble experience less experienced adult musicians and comeback players. Since then CROw has developed an unique identify all of its own.


TUGS (TUGS UKULELE GROUP) is a community based ukulele band playing mostly well known rock and roll music from the 50s and 60s. To appeal to the younger members of the audience a selection of modern songs will also be performed.

Good Tunes Session

David De Santi has been accumulating ‘good’ tunes for over 30 years and wants to share them! Be ready for a musical tour around Australia, Italy, Quebec, Scotland, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Ireland, England and beyond! Sheet music available or use your ear to join in.

Pat & Ilya

Pat Powell and Illya Szwec are the groove specialists, playing classic songs in the soul, reggae, blues and funk genres. Pat is a singer you need to hear…..there’s an honesty in his voice that’s rare in this country, a soulfulness that has depth’s you don’t expect and a warmth that stirs the heart, supported by Illya who caresses his guitar to create harmonies that complete this duo.

Community Stage

PEAK Festival is supporting our community by giving groups in the area an opportunity to showcase their talents. Join them throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday at the northern end of Perisher Centre.

Youth Concert

Once again South East Arts is proud to present up and coming sounds of the regions’ youth performers. Saturday from 12:00pm & Sunday from 11:30am in Jax Bar at the southern end of Perisher Centre.

PEAK Upload

The Perisher Peak Upload Competition is on again, and we’ve found some amazing unsigned live performers to come up and strut their stuff in a show-down on the festival stage!